Q. I consider myself as a talented artist, but I can`t really find a place where I could show my skills.

A. For me, the web is the best way to promote myself as an artist. It is the fastest, most economical, and has the largest potential client base. My first attempt was a multimedia portfolio that I published on a single HD floppy disk. This was a new thing at the time and caught the interest of a number of people in the music business. All of my current clients can be traced back to that first promotion. My client list includes a couple of small record companies, business owners, a music publisher, a dinner theater, a cabaret troupe and a couple of choral groups. The web allows you to show your portfolio to a much larger audience at a much lower cost!

Q. I am aware that other sites will host my web site, but aren't those sites very obscure and not very accessible? I would like to be a little more promoted than a grain of sand on a very big beach...if you know what I mean?

A. That's the beauty of what we are offering. We let you use a redirected link from our site. Your web site is under your control. You can update it, add to it anytime. You can even move it to ANY internet service provider (even free ones) But the URL (your address) to it stays the same. What we are doing is simply make it easier for anyone to find you. It is a lot easier to simply say that your portfolio can be found at than trying to give some long, hard to remember URL.

Q. Do you have any information on non Internet illustrator reps and agents?

A. A good source for that would be the "2013 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market" book, available at any large bookstore (Barnes & Noble,, etc.) Before the end of the year, we plan to have many sources listed, including art buyers that are listing with us too. (We are working on it!)
Here are some OnLine sources that may help too [click here]

Q. I recently began construction of my website. Could I try your service for a month to test the response of

A. No, but we do have the option of a no cost portfolio account. If you currently have a web site, we just need a URL (web site address) for your site.

Q. I was wondering if you were going to list my page under a "artists" link or if there was some other way people would be able to find my page from others?

A. Yes! All artists are listed on the artist pages by alphabetical order.

Q. I need more information about setting up a portfolio account with you.

A. Hope this link will answer more questions.

Q. Where do I register?

A. [click here]

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