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HARRY LYON-SMITH will redirect inquries direct to your existing web site - you don't need to change ISPs, your web site or domain name! No more long, impossiable to remember web addresses.

Less chance of typos, much easier to remember! (and looks great on your business card!) Your can change internet service providers when ever you want to and retain your web site address! Unhappy with your current Internet Service Provider? We can simply update your web site URL to your new service provider. Clients can still find you when you simply change ISPs, or move across the country.

Change your portfolio or your site anytime! You control your web site. If you are using your own web service provider, you can update or add to it any time. It can be small and simple or as large and elaborate as you like.Check your current web site stats, many individual sites see a small amount of traffic, many with less than 5-6 visits a week. will bring many more visits per week.

One More Thing!
If you don't currently have your own web site, we can, for an additional fee, host it also. Free eMail with hosting service. Plus with our hosting your site we give you a e-mail address too! What better way to promote your work and identity as an artist for such a low cost!

More Information... NOW THE SMALL PRINT!
COPYRIGHTS MUST BE RESPECTED!, All work displayed must respect other copyrights. You should also display your copyright on all works. the proper form is ©2011 Your Name. You own your artwork!
No Porn Lets keep it clean folks! I believe in free speech and freedom, but anything can be taken too far. No pornography or otherwise tasteless sexual material will be linked. Any questions, just eMail webmaster. We retain the right to refuse service to anyone unwilling to abide by our rules of service. These rules will be updated and copies eMailed to all participants.