YOURNAME@ PAGES pages are a simple and inexpensive way to promote your self as a professional artist. We offer either a linked page to your existing site or a expanded portfolio page with up to 16 samples of your work. You get a personal domain to use, without additional domain name fees (we offer generic subdomains at a higher cost).

Nothing to learn, simple to setup, you start by creating a expanded portfolio page with your basic information. We handle the page creation (or link) and subdomain registration. It is usually up and running within 24-hours after we receive payment. [sample expanded portfolio page]

Also included is a matching email address. This is a alias to your current email address and you don't have to change a thing with your current email provider. No worrys about getting tons of "spam" either, all of our email is protected by state of the art mail servers. "We Get No Spam" as John C. Dvorak says...

Cost? $15./mo. ($180. with a prepaid one year contract)